• Skipper Rorc

    Colan grinned as he watched Torrin walk a short distance in front of him. The ferret had dropped much of his public image and he came across more laid-back than even some of the nobles. Some would consider the distance between Torrin and him to be improperly small, but Torrin didn’t care.

    This part of the city was full of movement, beasts walking back and forth to their various destinations, some of the wealthier ones with slaves trailing behind them. Torrin's mode of dress fit the role of a minor noble better than a prince, his tunic had little ornamentation and he wore no gold or silver at all. Only the quality of his clothes and the saber on his back hinted at who he was.

    Colan, as was proper, did not carry his saber. It wasn’t becau…

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  • Skipper Rorc

    The Runaway part 2

    December 8, 2010 by Skipper Rorc

    I GIVE UP! I MEAN IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER! I tried to fit the entire story on one page, but after waiting ten minutes to edit ONE WORD I have decided to put the rest on a new page. So yeah, enjoy, and i'll enjoy updating and editing more now...

    NOTES!!! For notes and dedication go here. It's also the beginning of the story so read that before this.

    The sound of metal against stone grated through the tent, making the guards outside shift nervously, wishing their shift was over. Life as Zartho’s guard was hazardous, especially when the Commander was in a bad mood.

    The Commander sat inside, bare sword across his knees, bent over as he perfected the edge. Not too sharp, not too blunt, that was the key. Growling his satisfaction, he la…

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    Reader Discretion is Advised

    Please be aware that it is possible I will not finish this story. Also, if you are reading this for the first time, be warned that it stops halfway through.

    • I know I said I wouldn't start on a new story until The Runaway was finished, but this story wouldn't leave me alone! So I began writing it. Now that it's started, I will try to update regularly.
    • I won't be adding characters into this.
    • I will add you to the update list unless you tell me not to in a comment.



    Lemme see....Ah yes.

    To Shieldmaiden, for asking me as soon as I got on whether I was goin' to write fanfics or draw art. You gave me the prompting to start…

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    A Redwall Seasonday

    April 18, 2010 by Skipper Rorc

    I made this story in the same timeframe as The Runaway so that I didn’t need to make a whole new cast of characters. Call me lazy, but I wrote this in one day so there.

    This story is dedicated to Major in the hope that he has a great birthday.

    Awavian grumbled as he searched among the new green shoots of spring for herbs to bring back to the infirmary. This wasn’t how he had expected to spend his seasonday. He had wanted to spend it roaming around the Abbey with his best friend Arbuc, possibly “rescuing” a few warm scones from the kitchen windows and having strawberry fizz in the cellars. Instead, Brother Egburt had asked him and Arbuc to go into Mossflower and search for wild mint, sage, and wintergreen. Awavian glanced toward Arbuc, w…

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  • Skipper Rorc

    The Runaway

    December 24, 2009 by Skipper Rorc

    A few notes for those reading this:

    • This is a sequel to the Taggerung
    • Feel free to do fan art for this story and I will post it when I figure out how. (LOL)
    • I will not be adding characters into this story on your request, my apologies. The only person who gets this privilege is someone who has already asked me before I thought to put this up. (If they like my idea)
    • I will update you unless you say otherwise
    • In chapters 27 & 28 there is content that may be disturbing to some readers, reader discretion is advised.
    • If I think of anything else then I will tell you.
    • A Redwall Seasonday is parallel to this...different timeframe, but same characters.
    • Thanks to SM and her version of Keyla, for Rorc's condition.

    Dedicated to... All those I have met on this …

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