• Skipper falloon

    coils of doom

    August 12, 2009 by Skipper falloon

    A young squirrel sat by his campfire in Northern Mossflower, lost and hungry.Only about two hours before he had been running for his life, fleeing from a small vermin band who apparently wanted to make him a slave.He was tired, so he doused his fire, spread his ragged cloak on the ground, and fell asleep, not noticing the evil reptilian eyes watching him.

    Baliss the adder lay behind a buckthorn bush,watching the young squirrel peacefully snoring, oblivious to all about him. Baliss was the deadliest snake in all mossflower, and some even said that he was a descendant of Asmodeus. He was young,strong, and could see perfectly.

    The young squirrel was dreaming.In his dreams he saw an armored mouse,which he knew to be Martin the Warrior, striding …

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