Chapter 5

Today everybody quit work and just played games. First activity is the wall and ground race. The wall race is refereed by Misna and the ground race by the bellringer a mouse named ginger she has a strange kind of fur with a reddish tinge to it. First is the wall race this is only for the brave and fleet of foot. When Misna saw the groups of animals she couldn’t see one .Snowflower. “Have you seen Snowflower?” Misna asked the onlookers “Snowflower who?” asked a middle aged otter “there is nobody named Snowflower here.” Misna sighed “ok the first one to find her and bring her back here gets a bag of candied chestnuts she is a squirrel babe with a white spot on her nose and a white spot on the base of her tale the white spots look like flowers.” Everybody broke up and within half an hour Snowflower was brought out unwillingly by skipper “come on you come and join these activities with these young ones. So Snowflower was put in the wall race with Treejumper a squirrel, Marden A mouse, and Hijjy A hare nobody knew it but Snowflower was fast I mean really fast as soon as they said go she was in the lead and when they were halfway around she was ¾ done and then when they got to the end. Snowflower was breathing normally. She won and everyone congratulated her. Snowflower was shy only ever knowing her mum and dad so she ran away as soon as things got overwhelming which was quickly. Snowflower went back into her tree and just sat watching the search for her she just wanted to leave but her father had told her to stay as his last wish she would obey it. Then suddenly the recorder named Lily a stately young mouse came out yelling “I FOUND SOMETHING WE NEED TO KNOW!” everyone crowded around her and She said ………

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