• Snowpaw the Wild

    I've noticed recently that in each Redwall book, there are two main character deaths, one during the course of the story and one at the end, with a few exceptions. Here are some examples.


    During: Brother Methuselah

    End: Abbot Mortimer


    Boar the Fighter



    During: Queen Warbeak

    End: Log-a-Log

    Mariel of Redwall*:

    Brigadier Thyme

    Colonel Clary


    During: Brother Hal

    End: Urthstripe the Strong

    Martin the Warrior:

    During: Felldoh

    End: Laterose of Noonvale

    The Bellmaker:

    During: Fatch

    End: Finnbarr Galedeep

    (*Exceptions: two characters died during the book, instead of one during and one at the end)

    These are just a few examples. Now, my next question is: why did Brian Jacques always kill off at least two main characters? I…

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  • Snowpaw the Wild

    I’m gonna begin at the beginning. Let’s put the credit where the credit belongs. I’d like to thank my brother for supporting my opinion that Martin should have told Gonff about Noonvale, my mom and dad for supplying me with a computer to write it on, and my grandma for giving us a reason for a road trip so I had so much time to write it.

    Random: this was my first Redwall fanfiction idea.

    I’m dedicating this to Lyth Streambattle. I don’t know if you meant to tell me what you did, Lyth, but I think that now I understand you better. I can only hope that one day you will read this and discover that though you have lost, and will lose again, you can also gain.

    And as for the rest of you, no I’m not telling you what that was all about, so don’t bo…

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  • Snowpaw the Wild

    I have discovered more and more that the one of the most argued things about the Redwall universe is whether or not Veil Sixclaw is a "good guy" or a "bad guy." He definitely showed a lot of bad traits, but in the end most people agree that he became good, because he saved Bryony's life. But that is basing an entire character off of one deed. To really show what "side" Veil was on, we should look at his entire life.

    He was the son of the warlord Swartt Sixclaw. While this is not always true, it remains an undeniable fact that a lot of children take after their parents. In my opinion, Swartt Sixclaw was the most evil and savage warlord ever to appear in the Redwall series.

    When Redwallers first found him, he bit them. That shows that he was v…

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  • Snowpaw the Wild

    This is dedicated to Fainnen, Insane One, Rose, Zoso159, Blue, Laria, Sandingomm the Wildcat, Meeka (Your essay inspired this story), and everyone who continues to read and critique it. Thanks everybody!

    Also, this is copywrited. If I find that anyone, and I repeat, anyone! has been saying it's theirs or something YOU WILL BE SUED!!!!!!

    Also, this is not considered canon, nor is it a policy of guideline. It is a fan fiction story by Snowpaw the Wild.

    If you have not read Martin the Warrior, Mossflower, and The Legend of Luke, I would suggest you read these first because this contains major spoilers and certain events will not make sense if you haven't read that.

    Also, I am messin around wi…

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