Snowstripe the Fierce

Snowstripe was the son of Russano the Wise and Lady Rosalaun, as well as brother Melanius the Scarlet. At around the age of 15 seasons, he left Salamandastron and journeyed through the Western Sea until he found the uncharted island called Blue Isle. There, he found woodlanders such as mice, voles, shrews, and a great variety of river otters and sea otters. He was directed to Castle Gaer, a stone fortress much like Redwall Abbey. He was then taken to Queen Regina, a black-furred sable with almond-shaped eyes, much like his. she told him that her ancestors had come to this isle with hundreds of river and sea otters and other woodlanders, only to find that it is a perfect place to live, with wild fruit and other such things everywhere, as well as a large population of sables that lived in a tribe near the north coast. So after building Castle Gaer, her ancestors became the royal family, with her being the only heir. After becoming one of her warriors, the two soon fell in love, and were about to marry, until he heard news that his father Russano was possibly going to die, so he hurried back to Salamandastron, hearing that Russano only had two more seasons to live, and in grief, he wandered around Mossflower Woods, finding a badger village and coming to live and eventually marrying the badgermaid Rosa. After spending one season there, he returned to face up to the fact that his father is going to die. So, he spent his father's last remaining season with him. After his death, he became Ruler of Salamandastron along with his sister Melanius. He fought many battles for Redwall and Salamandastron, after one he even met his son Prudensus, now grown up completely. He told Prudensus to have one of his descendants journey to Salamandastron. After returning to he mountain, he and his sister ruled Salamandastron for the rest of their days.

Melanius the Scarlet

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