Could the Redwall Books have really happened?

The Redwall Books are classified as fantasy, meaning it isn't possible for these things to happen (or have happened) in real life. But how do we know that things like what happens in the Redwall Books actually have happened? Maybe there really was a Redwall Abbey, a Mossflower Woods, a Salamandastron. Maybe Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief, Lord Brocktree, Matthias, Mattimeo, and so many others actually existed. Just because the characters of these books are animals didn't mean they couldn't have done the things they have done according to Brian Jacques.

I, for one, think it's possible. I have read the Redwall Books over and over and over again, and I think that it is possible that these animals could have been around before humans evolved from apes or whatever they evolved from. Mossflower Woods could be somewhere in Europe -- there used to be many lush forests there before human civilization took over. The Land of Ice and Snow could be Greenland. Salamandastron could be on the Mediterranean Coast. The Northlands and North Shores could be in Northern Europe. And etcetra, etcetra, etcetra.

Maybe the animals in the Redwall Books were forced to abandon their homes and civilization when the humans evovled, and have been in hiding ever since. And also, who knows what language they really spoke. Mice, rats, hedgehogs, squirrels, hares, and all of those other creatures don't really speak English, but the books are just translated into English from Mice-speak or something strange like that.

Please feel free to comment and say if you think this is possible. And just so you know, I am not a evolution or geography expert so please don't critisize my half facts half made up ideas on those two subjects.

--Songflower 01:51, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

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