• Sorcerer Slitt

    The trickster

    June 27, 2010 by Sorcerer Slitt

    Darkness fell on an old oak tree. Something strange was going on as it slowly opened. "Inkback, go check on them redwallers. Doriz, I believe we have company" As a fox exited, Doriz the vixen saw a searat. "Vot do yew want `ere, rat?" The searat, who's name was Chikkn, snarled at her. "Outta the way, bushtail! I need to see Slitt!" The vixen pursed her lips. "Vy yew vant to see `im?" Chikkn impatiently pushed her out of the way and walked into Brockhall. "Where is the traitor!?" Another vixen, Seblince, smiled. "`e ain't `ere, there's only Doriz, yew an' me" The rat's eye caught the gleam of a dagger as she drew it. He unsheathed his cutlass and pointed it threatingly at her. "Don't move a muscle, fox!" She smiled. "Oh, I won't, but she wi…

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