• Soren Rudderdale

    Tabur Oakheart sat watching the golden sunset and letting nature's beauty's seep through him. He was also watching his son Milo Oakheart who was about twelve seasons old playing with his little sister Bera. Tabur glanced at his wife, cooking supper and calling to Milo to be careful, He gazed at the swiftly darkening horizon, he gasped as he saw a small line of red sails coming swiftly for land he ran to his family and said hurriedly,

    .."quickly come along back to the village."

    .."But why Papa?" little Bera asked.

    .."Just hurry!" They ran back to the village. The village was populated by about threescore squirrels, it was situated in a pine grove not far from the sea. Tabur ran to the Council of Elders and cried,

    .."I saw ships coming fast, thi…

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  • Soren Rudderdale

    This is my fan fic--Soren Rudderdale (The Warrior) Talk Matey! 15:04, 17 February 2009 (UTC)

    Well it looks like I have a visitor.

    "What do you want little one? Shouldn't you be in bed?"
    "Pwees, Sowen, can you tell us your stowy?"

    Soren chuckled. This was the third time the Dibbuns, including his own little daughter, had wanted to hear his story. "Well I don't know."

    Then his wife came through the gatehouse door.

    "Oh Soren, just tell it again. You know they won't leave you alone until you do."
    "Alright, but I get a big bowl of hotroot soup for this, right?"

    His wife sighed, "Alright, if it will make you happy."

    "Good. Now, about my story. It was a fine summer day as Soren Rudderdale was fishing on the shore and he had quite a good catch. He was in no …

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