• Spangle Blackendwoire

    First attempt to write a fanfiction! if you have any comments, or suggestions, please tell me! Thanks for reading! and thank you to Clockworthy for the title.

    --Spangle Blackendwoire Talk! 22:56, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

    The sea was a calm sheet of turquoise, the sky dotted with fluffy clouds. For Spangle, that meant a perfect day. A better chance the fish would bite, that they would swim up the tiny inlet so she could block off the mouth to the ocean. She was a young ferret, tall and slender, on her own patch of floating land. it wasn't very big, only a leage and a half wide and long, but it was good enough.

    After the rage waves, that had made their way up north, already destroying lands and islands in the Extreme South, washing away the sand an…

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