"lord Rushem groups 1-3 are in place and our bows are ready group four containing seven rats and Icetail will charge unto the front gates and start the "peace" while groups 5,6,7 start to surroud the abbey while the abbeydwellers are distracted and the last groupe will stay hidden, bows ready." Bloodbrain eheheh ohhhh we'll be the Kings uh..Mosstower? Drive em mad! Skin em's alive tomorrow !!!! While Icetail sleeping we'll drown er!

"Star, go! Now get out of my sight!! Into Mossflower get more juniper berries and stright up into your room. No supper!" screamed Brother Oakroot. "Please, I'm not a dibbon!!Star wispered and wrapped her cloak around her."it's raining!" "o.. poor idle Star scaired of the rain?! sneared Creena.Her! said Star to herself. Well, I'm not coming back(also too herself)and shut the big Abbey doors.She drifted into Mossflower and made a shelter and snaked on warm bread and scones and snuck some strawberry codial into a jar to drink. Soon she went to sleep.

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