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  • I live in Redwall Abbey
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is dreamer
  • I am female
  • Starsong Meadowsweet

    It is the Summer of the Warrioress, and it is aptly named. I spent nearly a full season researching in the ancient annals of the gatehouse and trying to reconstruct this story. When I finished my tale last winter, good Abbess Wendel requested that I read it to all Abbeygoers so that they would know of this story - which concerns the founder of our abbey and secrets of Redwall.

    So I spent a full fortnight in Cavern Hole by the blazing fires in the large armchair, reading my tale to all the residents of Redwall. Enclosed is my original manuscript. It is a tale of sadness, memory, triumph and friendship. Good friend, I hope you will enjoy this story.

    Renet, Recorder of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower County

    Letitia curled up in her soft bed in the d…

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    I own a precious few of the Redwall series, but I hold the original masterpieces - Redwall, Mossflower, Mariel of Redwall. It's been a while since I read the other books, and my memory isn't all that great, so excuse me if I include a lot of technical errors.

    My thanks to Long Patrol Girl for bringing this to my attention.

    Well, it seems that in Redwall, the villains are often a little crazy up there by the end of the story. Often they are plagued by recurring dreams of giant badger guys with bows or mice with swords or whatnot. When they finally face the pursuers (giant badger guys with bows, mice with swords, etc.) they are often too scared to really put up a good fight, not that they really could in the first place.

    Tsarmina is, personally…

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    Okay, let's just get over the fact that I'm an incorrigible romantic.

    Here's the recipe for Romance in Redwall:

    • 1 part cheesy
    • 1 part oh-my-martin-I'm-blushing
    • 1 part AWWW THAT'S ADORABLE!!!

    Add a pinch of playful otter teasing, a couple saucy comments, some (very) pink cheeks and you have yourself a lovely Romance a la Redwall!

    Basically, all pairings in Redwall can be simmered down to a few categories:

    • Matthias/Cornflower: Okay, so Cornflower is a super-flat character, and Matthias makes the classic bumbling young unimpressive mouse. But we definitely know they're in love - Matthias always blushes before her, Cornflower sleeps with her head on Matthias' shoulder, etc. But in the end, dying Abbot Mortimer tells Cornflower and Matthias to marry. A…

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    Rose, Laterose, Rose of Noonvale, Daughter of Urran Voh. Potential love interest of Martin the Warrior.

    And this is why her death wasn't worth it.

    Firstly, the book gives about a million hints that Martin and Rose are... well, let's just say they're attracted to each other. (Not considering Rose's obvious age difference compared to Martin.) And let's just say that Jacques has never, NEVER been known to kill off a romance.

    I mean, look at all the romances that Jacques puts in... Matthias/Cornflower (though I must admit Cornflower is a very flat character), Gonff/Columbine, Tarquin/Hon Rosie, Broggle/Fwirl, Tam/Armel (my personal favorite). The romances he puts in are always light and just-for-fun, and they always end up nicely. Everyone gets m…

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