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    The Sparra King

    March 15, 2013 by Stephan222

    Sparra King A Tale of Redwall

    There aren't enough Sparras in Redwall! So I've decided to do some fanfiction, featuring the Sparrows! A Sparra King disappears, and the abbey is under attack. Fiero Nightwing goes in search of him, and tries to discover the secret of the woods. What force is plaguing the abbey?

    Menador, a large weasel, ran through the forest. He had to reach Fectasata, Queen of the Wood, before the sun rose! Behind him he could hear something, what was it? Redwallers! He ran faster, hoping to be safe soon. Behind him the sounds were getting closer.

    Suddenly, in front of him, he saw a flash of white. Strong claws pinned him to the ground, and he saw the face of a Sparrow, but then the Sparrow raised his beak. Menador would never …

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