The Diamond Maid

By Stormflash Diamond


I have heard the Dibbuns ask about me. My past. How I came to be the Abbey Warrior. So I am telling this tale to the Abbey Recorder, Nightbird Star. This tale is the tale of my past, and how I came to the Abbey. It is a tale of greatness, treachery, and deceit. It is about what happened when I ran away, and killed my uncle, Skipper of Otters. It is how I turned from a restless young maid I apologize for rambling, these summer days are making me tired. But all I can do is try my best to relate the story as I can and tell you to bring good spirits and lots of food, this journey into my youth shall take awhile. I shall now begin my yarn.

Chapter One

Enot Sarg and his motley band had been trudging about the marshy woodland for almost a score of days. They were many different species, but they all shared a few things in common. They were all extremely stupid, dirty, and flea-ridden, and the band looked up to their leader for his smarts, of which he had none. Sarg was a large pale gray searat, covered in crusty brown dirt. He had a loping walk, and he, if not as, was even more stupid than his band. ``Durr hurr, how long d'we gotta walk longer? Urr...I dunno if my legseses can do yit no more. Hurr hurr hurr, d'ya gotta stop now, Cap'n?´´ moaned a brown stoat named Dirtface. In response, a huge, burly gray fox named Cobblepaws kicked him in the shin, causing Dirtface to stumble into a tough dark gray weasel, Bunkstone the Unbreakable, who in turn clumsily slapped a pale yellow vixen known as Sandspeck. She hissed at the gray rat Gravelclaw, who leapt onto the shoulders of Sandspeck's mate, Sandrock. Sandrock walked into a tree, which the albino and blind, ragged rat Cobweb jumped out from behind. The young hare, Goldear, sighed. Why did vermin have to be so dirty and uncivilized? She drew her bow and shot a arrow straight at Dirtface's ear. He yelped and began hopping around in pain. Dirtface bumped into many other vermin, who proceeded to tear him limb for limb. None noticed a young golden hare slipping away.

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