• Sunfire The Fearless

    This will be a fan fiction story sequel to The Taggerung by User:Sunfire The Fearless.

    A tattooed ottermaid was running away from the Juskabor tribe.
    She looked back."You were never the boss of me Raggen Bor!"she yelled
    A fox was now in view."Run Taggerung! Run while you can!!"she yelled.
    Running at her fastest speed,the Taggerung of the Juskabor kept running;trying to find who she really is.

    At Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Woods,the otter Deyna was running with his best friend Nimbalo the Slayer on his back.
    Deyna put Nimbalo down."Go you playful dibbun!"he said.
    Nimbalo looked surprised."How can you call you best mate a dibbun?! I'm not childish."
    "Oh really?"Deyna said."Oh,I forgot to tell you;I'm going to Salamandastron tomorrow. I want to see an…

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