I am personally a HUGE fan of LOTR, and love the Redwall series. so I thought it would be cool if I did this blog. Having read these books, I have begun to notice several coincidences(if they can be called that)

One of the major coincidences I noticed is the naming of Boar the Fighter. In The Two Towers, Treebeard the ent recites a poem to the hobbits (Merry and Pippin)."Beaver the builder, buck the leaper,Bear bee-hunter, boar the fighter...." And remember, Treebeard is a living tree, and Boar is named with the coinceidence of his name having the fist letter of several different types of leaves. Coincidence? I think not.

Another, would be the similarites between Martin the Warrior and Aragorn, both in character and backround. Both have received a sword, handed down by generations of fathers, and had become legendary. Both had that sword re forged, and both came from the north. In character too, courageous, loyal, and a true hearted king. Both are fierce warriors, willing to defend loved ones and companions.

Brian is quoted as saying "I have not read Toliens work". I doubt it. Growing up in Liverpool during the 40s and 50s, and living there all his life, I honestly do think he has read these books. But still, we must take his word for it.I have listed several of these, and in the future will write another, listing even more. But I think it is save to say LOTR and Redwall are similar, whether Brian intended or not.

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