ractonna reached for a spear of one of his fallen soldiers from behind his cloak. he waited for his enemy... listenning. he heard footsteps and readied his spear. the second he saw his follower he thrust the spear whith all his might. it met it's mark perfectly... right through the middle of sonalie. she fell to the floor as malstone rushed at ractonna with his sword. ractonna ran with malstone at his heels. he found his escape down a hall but it was a dead end. he was trapped! "why did you throw the speer at her! she did nothing to you!" he shouted. "i didn't meen to hit her spare me please!" ractonna pleaded. "you don't deserve to live!". "NO PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHIUGH..." theses were the last words of ractonna the mighty. malstone rushed back to sonalie. she was lying on the floor with a spear protruding from her stomache. he rushed to her side. malstone found himself staring at her with a feeling he could not disscribe. he did love her. he leaned over and cradled her head as he told hetr how he truly felt atlast. a few moments later she went limp her eyes clouding over as she looked at her love for the last time. he satthere crying unnashamed as he hugged her limp form. he had found his true love but it was to late...

                                             to be continued

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