• Survivor!

    A little fox babe sat apart from his mother and father's horde. He could still here the commands being issued from here.
    "Pull harder! You'll get them fer dinner if'n ye don't!"
    "Push!! Use your muscles! You're a badger for heaven's sakes, you HAVE muscles! Push, or it'll all come crashing down on you!"
    The fox babe sighed. He watched as a fox ran by him, looked this way and that. "Furir!"
    The fox, Furir, turned to the wolf. "Prince Nytmair! There ye are!"
    The babe, Nytmair, grinned widely. "Were ya lookin' fer me?"
    "Yes, Lady Silvamord would've killed me if I couldn't find you!" Furir picked up the little fox cub.
    "No, Mommy wouldn't ever do somefing like that."
    "Well, then Lord Urgan Nagru definitely would!"
    "Daddy wouldn't hurt you either if I to…

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