• Tadgh the Cane

    This chapter is only partially complete. This is part one, "Truddle's" tale.

    • But, before you start reading, you best read through the manual ( first, and perhaps through book I, "Nox".


    Truddle extinguished his lantern, upon the sight of the sun gloriously rising above the damp treetops, red and yellow flashing everywhere. The sky behind it had turned from it’s original grey state to an interesting salmon-red. The further away the sky, it’s colour became more and more bleached: When it touched the horizon, it was completely white. Red rays of intensive light emanated from the low hanging sun in the cold air, which in the process was pleasi…

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  • Tadgh the Cane

    Ta-daa! Here it is, book I. If anyone could give me some advice, how to solve the problem, or how to improve the story itself, I would be very thankful.

    • WARNING* First, read the Announcement for A Beginning's End (, for explanations and the synopsis.

    It is very daring for some beast to say, a day changes his life on a regular basis. If one is a member of the Long Patrol though, it is prone to do so.

    This book is preferably read in the following order:

    1. Bantar

    2. Windplummer

    3. Nathan

    4. Donathan

    5. Tadgh

    6. At least after that, you can skim through it all quite easily...

    Excerpt from the recordings of Brother Nathan, Recorder of Redwall Abbey,

     It is a fair…

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  • Tadgh the Cane

    Hello, fellow RedwallWikiists. I am currently working on my very first fanfic (yes, I am nervous), and am about to complete Book I of A Beginning's End, which is entitled Nox.

    • It's been posted finally: After reading everything below, you can read through it at **
    • And book 2 is now also released at
        • Enjoy.

    Here is a short Synopsis:

    In the chapter, the story of five different characters is told:

    • Bantar
      • Hordebeast
      • colour red

    • Windplummer Storebuck d’Atoll
      • Sergeant
      • colour brown

    • Nathan and Truddle
      • Redwall Mouse and his shrew companion
      • colour green

    • Donathan Brawbeast
      • Native Otter
      • colour…

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