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  • Taggerung of Redwall

    Ahoy mates,

    Here follows the next part of my fanfic Senn of Redwall, enjoy. In it will be revealed the mystery at the River Moss, as well as many thread-tying.

     It was morning when the Guosim under Log-a-log with Juhenchin Bentonhings Kaminglain Baggscut and Mauthie Browncloak reached the block at the River Moss. All present were struck dumb with awe and overwhelming fright. In front of them, only one thing reared above the River Moss: woods. Seemingly Mossflower itself was uprooted, a vast hill of assorted trunks and foliage, mounding up the sky and back on each bank, spanning the whole river. It was, however, the thing which perched on top that lent movement back to their legs.

     “Back Guosim! To t’trees!” Log-a-log’s voice was in panic, a t…

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  • Taggerung of Redwall

    This is my newest fan fiction for Redwall, I'm calling it Senn of Redwall. Feel free to comment on anything and such, feedback is always very welcome

    Comments are appreciated; there's also a poll on my Profile page you can vote on.

    Twixt woods and flatlands

    Watch for the one who comes from the south

    A hero to defend Mossflower

    For the foes of Redwall will come marching forth

    Book One: Travellers and Conquerors

    Seemingly limitless in celestial splendor, the moon hung like a globe of silver upon a starry night sky over the cool, crisp woodlands. A grasshopper chirped, flying off to another branch, having spotted the hungry bird stalking near him. A silvery cloud loomed overhead, adding peacefulness to the brilliance of that night. What a brilliant …

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