• Tazmaria Goldeneyes

    Tazmaria's Story

    November 23, 2009 by Tazmaria Goldeneyes

    Ugrann's golden eyes scanned the dunes, sand rising and falling in the wind. At his side, a small cat was in his grasp; she was crying loudly, tugging at his sleeve. Behind in the waters, ships sat waiting. Another white cat stood close behind, sobbing into her cloak. Ugrann snorted at his wife; Abeila looked up at him, them at the little one beside him. The cat king sighed in relief, she came like he was told. A short cat walked in a slow pace, she taking her time.

    Ugrann growled at her, and tugged her in front of him. "Get over here; I gotta go!" She finally reached them, and was quite old. He looked at her in repugnance; the old cat was gray and had bagged eyes. "You, that queen sent you?"

    She looked up at his through brown eyes. "Yes; I'…

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