• Tess the Golden

    Eyes of Emerald

    June 17, 2015 by Tess the Golden

    This is my first Redwall fanfic, so ... well. It's an attempt. I would like to thank SaynaSLuke for inspiring me to start this, and for the horses.

    And of course everyone else with a fanfic! you've all been an inspiration to me!

    Jackleap Strongfoot had been sent to the armoury of Salamandastron again. Usually quiet and meek, he was furious now, alone in the armoury. Angrily the chocolate-brown hare polished pikes and swords, muttering under his breath.

    “Huh, some captain, wot! Sentencin' a chap to the armoury twice in a fortnight? No bally imagination has ol' Captain Quincepaw, wot wot, bloomin' cad!”

    “Bloomin' cad y'self, Jacki! C'mon, laddie buck, straighten up, eyes front, chin up, stiff upper lip an' all that, wot wot!” rang out a cheerful…

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