After being AWOL for almost four years, I'm happy to say that I'm active again and working on some new Redwall fics. It's great to see that this place is still up and running.

For anyone (anybeast?) who is interested, it appears to me that my lazy butt never posted all the parts to "Kyrin: Son of a Warrior" on here, so here's the link to the entire story, completed March 22, 2013, on my Fanfiction account:

I am working on a sequel as we speak, and I can tell you this: it will be called "The Black Horde", and will be set four seasons after the events of the first story.

And this time, I will do my best to update regularly, including posting character art. I will also try to stay active on this wiki.

Thanks for your time. It's been too long.

~The Ghost Writer

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