• Thaila Juskarath Taggerung
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  • Thaila Juskarath Taggerung

    A otter and his younger sister sat chained on a ship deck owned by vermin. Both were beaten, starved , and treated like nothing. The female sat a sleep of fatigue. But the male sat watching the vermin rats and stoats party like no tomorrow.
    A rat approached him."Aye ya little'un, want some to drink?"he then poured wine all over him. Giving a growl, the otter lunged and bit the rat's leg."Yah!! The little pike bit me Chief!"
    The female stoat leader came up and whipped him several times. He didn't move or blink."Ah, little one gone insane!"she said.
    The otter watched as they continued to party. He closed his eyes and said a curse:

    May whoever, ride the seas
    Be gifted with starvation and fatigue.
    They will wish for the better,
    But all they get is ho…

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  • Thaila Juskarath Taggerung
    From the writings of Recorder Furela of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country. Today at Redwall, Thaila and Skipper were married. Thaila became Corella's step-mother. We had a feast to celebrate and Thaila cried through the whole thing;never before had she been loved so much. She had been a lot in her life;from being a helpless otter babe, to a killer, a prisoner, to a lover, a loner, and finally to a beautiful wife. It's Thaila's journey.......A Taggerung's Journey.

    Vilxa Rath, leader of the Juskarath, was bringing a ottermaid back to her camp. The maid screamed and tugged at the ropes bonding her paws, but all she got back was a ferret telling her to "Shut up".
    Walking into the ferret camp, she went to a tattooed ottermaid who was waiting."Th…

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