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  • I live in Mossflower Woods
  • My occupation is having fun
  • I am unknown
  • TheMoleOfTheLongPatrol

    Nothing disturbed the warm, spring day except for the chirping and squawking of birds. The sea was shining brightly with the sun's giant reflection. Above the tideline stood the camp of Klitch the Assassin. Klitch was the son of Feragho the Assassin and father of Gruba. Gruba walked over to Klitch. “So, what are you doing now?” Klitch tilted his head to one side as he spoke “I'm planning an attack on Salamandastron to avenge the death of my father.”

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  • TheMoleOfTheLongPatrol

    Prolouge to: Farran the poisoner's life story.

    Raptail's body shivered nervously as he stood staring into the pale, amber, eyes of Farran. Nobeast ever heard the Poisoner speak. The sunlight did not glint off of Farran's fur; it was soot-black with no luster whatsoever. The pale eyes stared hypnotically at Raptail from a face as dark as the depths of midnight. All the whispered tales he had heard of Farran loomed large. Was is true that he could kill with a long stare? Raptail fervently believed it was as he stood transfixed by the fox's gaze.   W-w-will you attend, sir? F-F-Feragho wishes to know.” Unblinking, Farran stared at him a moment longer then nodded once. That was enough.

    To be continued...

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  • TheMoleOfTheLongPatrol

    The only disturbances of a warm, spring day, were birds chirping and seagulls squaking. The bright and salty sea was gleaming from the sun's reflection.

    The Redwall Abbey stood high and beautiful over Mossflower Woods as the rushing of the river could be heard faintly. Martin stood before the newly built Abbey.

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  • TheMoleOfTheLongPatrol


    It was a misty, spring day outside at the fort of Lumetriss. The weasel captain took out his bow n' arrows. Swoosh! The arrow slew the two unfortunate rats imediately. "This will happin if'n you ever disoby me." 700 stoats, weasels, ferrets, foxes, rats, and other vermin nodded to their fearless captain. The two rats lay dead on the ground.

    Chapter 1

    Harvey the Squirrel Warrior and Skipper of Otters were outside playing with the Dibbuns as the giant sun set almost marking the end of another hot day. "Hold on a second Skipper" Laura, the new Abbess of Redwall, called for Harvey. "It's getting dark, it's almost time for the feast. Tell Skipper to bring the Dibbuns in." He winked at the Abbess. "Ok,here I go!"

    As Harvey was walking towa…

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