This is a fan fiction story by TheMoleOfTheLongPatrol. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.


It was a misty, spring day outside at the fort of Lumetriss. The weasel captain took out his bow n' arrows. Swoosh! The arrow slew the two unfortunate rats imediately. "This will happin if'n you ever disoby me." 700 stoats, weasels, ferrets, foxes, rats, and other vermin nodded to their fearless captain. The two rats lay dead on the ground.

                                     Chapter 1

Harvey the Squirrel Warrior and Skipper of Otters were outside playing with the Dibbuns as the giant sun set almost marking the end of another hot day. "Hold on a second Skipper" Laura, the new Abbess of Redwall, called for Harvey. "It's getting dark, it's almost time for the feast. Tell Skipper to bring the Dibbuns in." He winked at the Abbess. "Ok,here I go!"

As Harvey was walking toward where Skipper and the Dibbuns played, he tripped on something projecting out of the ground. "Yeoch! Hmm, what's this?" As Harvey started digging, he noticed that it was a bone! He kept digging and found a note:

"Where the sun sets within our abbey,

lying prostrate under what we walk,

the treasure of many generations,

is hidden in under a yellow "flower",

a drink named after it."

Just as Harvey finished reading, there was a banging at the gates. Two hares ran inside. "We've got company!" A fox and two rats could be heard yelling. Two archers, Lysander and Charles killed all three. Skipper of Otters laughed heartedly "Nice shot guys!"

"You two okay?" There were two haremaids that were panting from the running. "Yes, thank you. I am Maudie the Second and this is Jenny." The Abbess nodded. "Well hello you two! You're welcome to stay as long as you want." Maudie nodded

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