This is a fan fiction story by TheMoleOfTheLongPatrol. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

Prolouge to: Farran the poisoner's life story.

Raptail's body shivered nervously as he stood staring into the pale, amber, eyes of Farran. Nobeast ever heard the Poisoner speak. The sunlight did not glint off of Farran's fur; it was soot-black with no luster whatsoever. The pale eyes stared hypnotically at Raptail from a face as dark as the depths of midnight. All the whispered tales he had heard of Farran loomed large. Was is true that he could kill with a long stare? Raptail fervently believed it was as he stood transfixed by the fox's gaze. W-w-will you attend, sir? F-F-Feragho wishes to know.” Unblinking, Farran stared at him a moment longer then nodded once. That was enough.

To be continued...

Should I make a life story for Farran?

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