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  • TheTragedyofE

    Wounds have I sixteen, is slit my byrnie,

    dim grows my sight, I see no longer:

    to my heart did hew, venom-hardened,

    Angantýr’s sword slashing sharply.

    Shall fair ladies never learn that I,

    from blows me shielding, backward turned me;

    nor shall ever Ingibiorg taunt me,

    in Sigtúna sitting,that from sword-blows I fled.

    Unwilling nowise,from women’s converse,

    from their sweet songs I with Soti fared,

    hastened to join the host to eastward,
    went the last time forth from friends so dear.

    Led me the white-browed liege’s daughter

    to the outmost end of Agnafit

    Is borne out thus that back I would not

    wend from this war: so the wise maid said.

    From Ingibiorg—came ill-hap swiftly—

    I fared forth, then,on fated day:

    a lasting sorrow to the lady,this,

    since not e’er after e…

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  • TheTragedyofE


    This is a fan fiction story by User:TheTragedyofE. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline

    Warning! This Fanfic Contains Spoilers for The Following Canon Redwall Novels: Redwall, Mattimeo, and Pearls of Lutra. If You do not want any of these titles spoiled, do not read the following Fanfic! Continue at your own risk...

    Fat Snowflakes fell lazily on top of the Great Roof of Redwall Abbey. The windows of the Red Abbey where filled with a soft light; typical of Redwall. While a soft, hazy blanket covered the ground, the Dwellers of the Abbey all lay huddled in Cavern Hole. A story was about to be told, once more.

    An Elderly female Squirrel sat in a great chair, food and drink being brought to the Squirre…

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