• The Dicer

    Paws Of Steel

    November 11, 2012 by The Dicer

    Disclaimer: This is a rather dark story (as I am bad at writing cheerful ones) and will be quite horrifying/disgusting/whatever. If you do not like this type of storytelling, read at your own risk. Just a heads up.

    This runs parallel to my other story "The Shadow Jester" and characters may and will interact from the two novels.

    I consider there to be five states of mind; five layers, so to speak. The first is the one of normality, that most creatures reside in; really, there's nothing to mention about it, so let’s move on. The second stage is one that I consider “normal” madness (admittedly, as normal as madness gets). It ranges through a huge variety of symptoms, but you can fairly easily tell when one resides in this layer. Creatures are n…

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  • The Dicer

    The Shadow Jester

    June 1, 2012 by The Dicer

    Disclaimer: The Shadow Jester is not a cheerful story (as I am bad at writing those); many will die, and the vermin will actually be evil; if they threaten to torture children, they will do just that, in all of its horror, and so on. Grey characters will also be prevalent throughout the tale, so if you like everything black and white, I'm sorry. Just a little heads-up.

    Salamandastron had been at siege from corsairs for years upon years. The bravest and the mightiest from both ends had fallen, warriors renowned and unheard of both, spies uncovered, plots revealed, as the war dragged on and on. Respite would not come; the corsair hordes were endless, but they could not breach the halls of the mighty mountain fortress, so zealously guarded by …

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