• The Star Maiden
    Far away in the Northlands, in a huge forest, was a squirrel tribe;the Tree Wanders. It was a tribe of Northlander squirrels with tattoos who go under customs. Customs of which were a squirrel babe is name after something they do. Just now, in a small cave, a squirrelmum was giving birth.
    "Night Shade, you're doing well."said nurse Water Lily. Then, Night Shade gave birth to two beautiful squirrels."Oh, aren't they just precious! High Tail, you may enter."
    A squirrel with blue and red tattoos and a blue tunic came in."Night Shade, come on."Nigh Shade got up, still in her bloody tunic, and followed High Tail to a cave.
    They sat the babes in front of a fire and in front of them."So, the boy?"said Night Shade.
    "Hmm, he's playing with a bow and a…
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  • The Star Maiden

    A young ottermaid quickly ran from her Holt cave, not looking back. She had one jewel-studded sword in paw.
    "Amberalla, wait!"she heard her brother call.
    "Mother....father! Alla is'a runn'-"the sight of his mother and father dead on the cave floor made him fall."What the fur happened! Alla...."he hissed as he glanced at his sister's other , blood covered, jewel-studded, sword laying at the side of his mother still body. The rest of the Holt came in gasping at their Holt leaders dead.
    "What happened Endray?"a otter gasped. Endray Galedeep just walked away, leaving them wondering for an answer. He just picked up his twin daggers and into a nearby cave. She did it! Why....?

    A otter sat on his ship Pearly One which was now taken by vermin. Fletch …

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  • The Star Maiden

    Coming Soon! (Re-making Prologue!)

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