• The Thorn

    The Thorn/Nightfall

    April 21, 2010 by The Thorn

    Book One: Enter Erriz

    Surely no one would think that Erriz was a warlord. He was short, wore plain clothing, he was actually quite gentle-spoken. Some might say that such a warlord does not exist, well, they are mistaken...

    It was a fine autumn morn. The surrounding trees were abundant with loads of all kinds, red berries, glossy chesnuts. But all of this was lost upon the platoon of soldiers. They all wore chainmail and deep grey tunics. Soldiers!

    "Was it not entertaining? To see those squirrel's attempts to escape, gave Gurk quite a run!" Traduk, a rather short ermine spoke

    "Aye" replied one of the other ermine, a fat one named Luzk.

    "What do you think his Lordship will do with the bush-tailed couple" Traduk questioned

    "Don't wish to know." mu…

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