• Thel' Vomadore

    This fan fic. was originaly by Bluestripe, but he and I decided to write it together, sorry if there's any delay in this truly coming, I need Blue! XD--Thel' Vomadore, Blue and Silver together! Go, Mateys!~~Bluestripe, If anything goes wrong, blame Silver.JK!:D

    A bright summer morn was rising over Redwall Abbey, birds began singing and creatures awoke from their slumbers. Trintar, a young mouse of sixteen seasons, with light brown fur and dark blue eyes, strong, and slightly taller than other mice, got out of his truckle bed in the Abbey Dormitories, he slipped on his green tunic, and black belt, and went down the stairs to Great Hall. When he arrived he looked up at the Tapestry, it depicted the life of the Abbey creatures, in the center o…

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