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    I know that I'm working on my Saga, but this is something I've had the idea for for a long time. I don't need as many main characters here, but LOTS of minor characters. Ones that I'm looking for are:

    • A space Redwall version of Michael Jackson.
    • A group of hypnotic bounty hunters (The leader has already been taken care of).
    • Members of the Galactic Republic's Special Forces.
    • Other Galactic military members.
    • Other random people.

    Alright, the story line starts off much like Ep. IV of Star Wars, but the main story won't be much like that. I do need a main character (No big amount of equipment please) from a desert planet (male please) (He is already taken care of) whose parents are murdered by pirates, and he meets up with a pilot and former member …

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    Special Thanks to Dewface for the idea. Check out her original Ultimate War: ART CONTEST! More special thanks (for thr 3rd time) to Hollyfire 53 for her Ultimate War.

    Here, you make a picture of a scene or character from my Saga of the Redwall Wars. First, SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO PUT PICTURES ON THIS WIKI! After a reasonable amount (say, 5 pics) have been placed, I'll make a poll for people to vote on for 1 month. After I post the poll no more pics. After a month, the winner with have an award placed on the top of his/her user page.

    NOTE: Please place new pics on my talk page.

    Now, begin!

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    Here's a question I really need answered: Exactly how long is the Sword of Martin the Warrior? Inside the books, the sword is pictured as very short, as seen on the picture for Rakkety Tam Book 2, and the American cover of Triss. However, on the American cover of Rakkety Tam, the sword is pictured as longer than Tam's own length, and the same for Matthias on the Firebird cover of Redwall. I can easily see Martin the Warrior and his successor Champions managing to wield a sword of this length. However, the sword is described as being too short for Deyna, but he was a big otter, so it's obvious the Sword was kinda short for him. Also, during the Tam vs. Gulo showdown, Wild Doogy Plumm's claymore is described as being longer than Martin's Swo…

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    I give full credit for this idea to Hollyfire53, and her Ultimate War fan fic. Thanks for coming up with it, Holly! Go to User_blog:Thornclaw_Braveheart/Redwall:_Users_War_Characters for info on the characters that were created by Users on this Wiki for more information.

    Deep in the forests of Mossflower, a hooded stoat walked down an old path. He was very tall, shrouded in a multi-colored cloak, and held a longbow in his left paw. An incredibly long item, almost as tall as the already tall stoat, hung from his back, concealed from vision by the cloak. The stoat pulled an arrow from a quiver also on his back, and sat down on a large boulder in the middle of the path. He pulled his hood down, nocked an arrow to his bowstring, and sat th…

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    Yes, I got the idea from Hollyfire53. You get full credit, Holly! Anyway, this is NOT an RPG, LordTBT, so don't delete it! You can have up to three characters. Place your character in a comment with this profile form:

    Name: Full name, followed by nickname(s).

    Appearance: Be VERY specific on what your character will look like.

    Weapons: Be specific if there's something specific about the weapons. No extreme amount, please.

    Clothing: DUH!

    Personality: For example, ruthless, kind, prone to Bloodwrath, ect.

    Preferred Death: Not everyone will survive in the end...

    Brief History: DUH! Don't be too long, and if it's too long to tell anyway, gi…

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