Anyone watch the show Deadlest Warrior? Well, in this story different characters from Redwall books will go head to head. Anyone can comment and think up characters to duel. However, NO CHARACTERS WHO HAVE BATTLED IN THE CANON REDWALL SERIES CAN DUEL IN THIS GAME. For example, Badrang and Vilu Daskar can fight, but not, say, Badrang and Felldoh. They fought each other in Martin the Warrior.

Be the first to think of a duel! The location is basically the Colosseum. After several duels, the winners will compete, and so forth until only two remain. The winner will be be hailed as the Redwall series' Deadlest Warrior!

First Battle: Oilback the Searat vs. Bladetail of Urgan Nagru's Horde!

Bladetail charges with his spear at Oilback, who steps to the side and plunges a dagger. It grazes Bladetail's shoulder, and he bangs his spearbutt at the searat, stunning him. Oilback falls to the ground as Bladetail thrusts downwards, and slashes his dagger at the greyrat's footpaw. Bladetail crumples, but his opponent stands up and slashes at the fallen rat's neck. Bladetail blocks with his spearshaft, which cracks in the process, but gets up and runs to the back of the stadium, ready for a charge. As the greyrat runs forward, Oilback throws his dagger, which misses by a hairlength. Bladetail charges at the searat, and slashes at his enemy's throat, but Oilback somersaults between Bladetail's legs, jumps up behind him, and stabs another dagger in the back of Bladetail's neck. The wounded rat falls to the ground, where Oilback slices his throat. Oilback has won, and will come back to fight the winner of the next battle.

Second Battle: Ferahgo the Assassin vs. Rasconza the Corsair Fox!

Ferahgo shakes his fail at Rasconza. The corsair draws a stiletto and a throwing knife, and beckons to the Assassin, waiting for the attack. The weasel swings his flail about and charges, clanging his weapon on Rasconza's stiletto. He drops the knife in shock, but stabs the throwing knife at Ferahgo's ear. The Assassin ducks quickly, but gets nicked in that ear, but whirls his flail at the fox's right footpaw, slicing a long scar into the flesh, but then Rasconza punches Ferahgo in the chest, knocking out his breath. Ferahgo falls to the ground, but recovers as Rasconza backs up for a knife throw. Ferahgo hurls his flail at the corsair, and it twists around the fox's throat, strangling him. Rasconza uses his knife to cut the chain, and casts away the remains of the flail. He throws his knife at Ferahgo, but the weasel steps to the side, missing the deathly blade. Ferahgo draws his skinning knife and charges at Rasconza, but the taller fox grabs the Assassin, picks him up by the scruff, and gets ready to stab another knife. However, Ferahgo kicks Rasconza in the neck, releasing the hold on his neck skin. The weasel puts a footpaw on Rasconza the Corsair Fox's chest, and plunges his skinning knife deep into his enemy's heart. Ferahgo will fight Oilback in the first Finalists Battle.

Third Battle: Asmodeus Poisonteeth vs. Ublaz Mad Eyes

Asmodeus stares at the pine marten, chanting, "Asssmodeussssssss", but Ublaz shrugs and draws his sabre, ready to kill the adder. Asmodeus continues his hypnosis chant, but Ublaz charges at him, and slashes at the snake's side scales. The sabre bounces off harmlessly, causing a shock wave through Mad Eyes' paw. Asmodeus lashes at Ublaz, knocking him off balance. "Come to me, Asssmodeusssss. I will show you eternity! Asssmodeusssssssss." Mad Eyes slashes upwards, cutting a small gash in Asmodeus' side. The adder whips his tail at Ublaz, breaking a leg. Ublaz kneels to the ground, but taunts to the snake, "Look into my eyes, snake. I have tamed many greater than you. Look into my eyes, and embrace my power." Asmodeus starts to feel faint, but rises and prepares to bite the wounded pine marten. Ublaz stabs with his sabre, and puts out one of Poisonteeth's eyes. Asmodeus hisses in pain, but then lunges. Ublaz rolls aside, letting the snake bang his fangs on the ground. Ublaz draws a stiletto and throws it at Giant Ice Eyes, who ends up with the blade sticking in his neck scales. In rage, the adder whips his tail once again at Ublaz, knocking him off balance again. Ublaz rises with little strength left, but still rises and slashes at Asmodeus' mouth. The snake's tongue is cut, but he remains strong, and murmurs, "Asssssmodeusssssss. Surrender, and your end will be quick. Assssssmodeussssssssss!" Ublaz bites at Asmodeus, but breaks a tooth in the process. The adder rears up, and brings his poison teeth smashing down on the pine marten. It is over. Asmodeus wins!

Fourth Battle: Ungatt Trunn the Conqeror vs. Gulo the Savage Wolverine

Trunn raises his trident in a stabbing position as Gulo charges. The wildcat stabs at Gulo's footpaw, sprouting blood, but the Savage smashes a forepaw at Trunn's head, knocking the spike off his helmet. Trunn throws his net, which only envelops Gulo's head and upper chest, but that's enough for Trunn to thrust at the wolverine's stomach. Gulo clubs the trident, but ends up with a slashing scar on the paw, and flings off the net, preparing to rip at Trunn. The wildcat backs off, holding the trident threateningly, but Gulo jumps up and tries to stomp of Trunn, who "dances" away and buts Gulo on the nose with his trident butt. Gulo roars with frustration, and scrapes Trunn on the left arm, ripping flesh. Trunn screeches, and stabs again at Gulo's paw. Gulo moves away, but then wildly smashes down with both paws on the wildcat. Trunn's tail is broken, but he rises up and stabs the wolverine's ear. Gulo puts a paw to the ear, thinking, "Not again!" and slices with claws at Trunn. Trunn blocks with his trident shaft and bangs the opposite end on Gulo's chest. The Savage is wounded, but continues fighting with tremendous power, ripping at Trunn's face multiple times until he tires. Trunn is wounded in the tail, left arm, and brow, but also continues to fight, stabbing away at Gulo's massive form. The wolverine is injured in the side, and grabs the trident head, and snaps it clean off, casting it back at it's owner. Ungatt Trunn is cut on the cheek, but uses his trident shaft like a quarterstaff, banging away at Gulo. Gulo backs away, appearing to be injured, but then charges with lightning speed at Trunn, smashing the trident shaft and ripping into the wildcat's chest, until he is no more. Gulo wins and will be fighting Asmodeus in the second Finalist Battle.

Fifth Battle: Slagar the Teribly Cruel vs. Mokkan the Last High King

Both foxes prepare for battle, Slagar twirling his bolas expertly, and Mokkan cloaking himself and brandishing his vicious axe. Slagar steps forward, spinning the bolas, and charges. However, his weapon smashes thin air as Mokkan appears from behind and stabs with his axeshaft at Slagar's spine. The Cruel spins around and knocks Mokkan's head with the bolas, but the Marlfox backs away afterwards, holding his axe in two paws. Slagar throws his bolas, which catches around Mokkan's legs, but he rolls away as Slagar charges with a longsword. Mokkan blocks an overhead strike by Slagar, and cuts the Cruel's right footpaw. Slagar backs off as Mokkan rises, and stabs forward. Mokkan blocks the attack and cuts underpaw, but Slagar steps back just in time. He slashes a diagonal pattern at Mokkan, who twirls away, letting his cloak get sliced off by the sharp sword. Mokkan leaps forward, and hacks at Slagar's hooded face, but the latter cuts Mokkan on the shin. The Marlfox snarls at Slagar and lifts his axe high, but the downwards slash is blocked by Slagar, who half-sword blocks. He thrusts at Mokkan's throat, but the grey fox rolls to the side and kicks Slagar in the stomach. Slagar groans, and slashes multiple times from horizontally at Mokkan, but few hit him. Only slightly wounded, Mokkan swings at Slagar's chest, but at the last moment moves up and buries the axehead in the Cruel's neck. For a horrifying moment Slagar drops his sword and cluthes at the axe handle, and then his head separates neck and falls to the ground. Mokkan wins!

Sixth Battle: Klitch Son of Ferahgo the Assassin vs. Commander Pitru of Green Isle

Klitch raises his pike in a salute to the cat, and charges with all his might. Pitru grabs the pike head without even drawing his sword, and snaps the sharp part clean off. Klitch smacks Pitru on the face, but the half-wildcat brandishes his scimitar and slices the pikeshaft in half. Klitch throws both ends at his enemy, one missing, the other leaving a splinter in Pitru's right footpaw. Klitch draws his shortsword and clashes with the cat. Both are matches at swordskill, each either dodging or blocking the opponent's blows. However, Pitru gains the upper paw as he slashes Klitch's side. Klitch puts a paw to the wound and continues the duel, until Pitru leers forward and bites the young weasel on the shoulder. Klitch screeches and stabs at the cat's heart, but Pitru parryies with his scimitar, but when he attemps to decapitate Klitch, the son of Ferahgo's blade chashes, and snaps in half. Klitch throws the hilt at Pitru's face, cutting it deeply. Pitru snarls, the cut reminding himself of Riggu Felis, and swings expertly at the weasel, slicing Klitch's sword paw. Klitch falls to the ground covering his face, but Pitru raises his scimitar and slices down at his enemy's exposed back. Pitru wins and will fight Mokkan in the third Finalist Battle.

Seventh Battle: Vallug Bowbeast Juskazann vs. Badger Lord Lonna Bowstripe

A sneering Vallug spots Lonna, and draws an arrow, ready to kill. Lonna has already seen Vallug, and draws an arrow as well. Vallug fires first, missing Lonna, but that arrow was the rangefinder. Lonna charges slightly forward and shoots, the spear-sized arrow sticking in the ground right next to Bowbeast, who shoots again, sticking a barbed arrow in Lonna's left paw. Lonna breaks the head off and draws out the shaft, tossing it away and shooting another massive arrow, which pins Vallug's footpaw to the ground. Lonna charges again, peparing another arrow as Vallug snaps the shaft in his paw and flees, with an arrowhead in his foot. Lonna shoots once more, but misses as Vallug runs back until he is at the end of the arena. Bowstripe puts his bow away and pulls out an arrow to use as a dagger, and Vallug shoots an arrow from is bow, missing. Lonna reaches Vallug and stabs with his arrow, drawing blood from Bowbeast's ear, but the ferret smashes his bow on Lonna's face, splintering in many directions. He frantically pulls out several arrows and stabs with them as Lonna was doing, but the Bloodwrath-taken badger draws his dagger and stabs brutally into Vallug's shoulder. Vallug pulls of his quiver and throws it at Lonna, but soon Lonna is upon him, stabbing like crazy. Then, Lonna picks up the ferret, who is anything but dead and casts him to the other side of the arena, killing Bowbeast instantly. Lonna wins!

Eight Battle: Barbarian Cheftain Raventail vs. Brownrat Boss Gruntan Kurdly

Raventail swings his scimitar in a hope to scare his opponent, who is armed with what else than a pouch filled with eggs. Kurdly takes a woodpigeon's egg and throws it, smashing on the barbarian's face. Raventail charges, slashing with his blade, but Gruntan flees, throwing eggs behind him, and a few he stuffs in his own face. Raventail pierces Gruntan on the footpaw, and slashes at his throat, but the Brownrat backs away, flinging another bird egg. Raventail wipes the sweat and egg yolk off his fur and charges again, swinging his scimitar underpaw and slicing Kurdly's back. The rat then takes off his egg pouch and throws the whole thing at Raventail, eggs cracking and blinding him. The ferret is temporarily blinded as Gruntan draws a stone knife and leaps forward, cutting Raventail's throat. Gruntan wins and will fight Lonna Bowstripe in the fourth Finalist Battle.

Ninth Battle: Lord Kharanjul the Wearet of Life and Death vs. Deyna the Taggerung of Redwall

The horribly scarred Kharanjul brandishes his trident, and prepares to kill the Taggerung. Deyna salutes with the Sword of Martin the Warrior, and charge. The Wearet thrusts with his weapon, but only to be blocked by the superior strikes of the otter. Deyna jumps upward and slashes at Kharanjul's head, causig another horendous scar. The Wearet swings the trident again, cutting Deyna on the leg, but is stabbed in the shoulder. He pulls his cloak around him and thrusts once again, but misses Deyna, who rolls to the side and stabs with his sword. The Lord of the Abyss butts Deyna on the snout with his trident, and backs away as Deyna recovers and charges, slashing downwards with his blade. Kharanjul is cut on the right arm, but he shrugs away all pain and smashes with his trident straight at the Taggerung. Deyna sheathes his sword and draws a dagger, the same one Sawney Rath used to own, and jumps right at the Wearet, slicing him on the brow and chin. Kharanjul uses his trident shaft to force Deyna away, but he comes back and cuts Kharanjul on the upper arm. Deyna then withdraws his dagger and unsheathes the mighty sword, and stabs straight at the Master of Life and Death, cutting his side brutally. Kharanjul stabs Deyna on the shoulder and twirls around to gain momentum as he thrusts again, cutting the Taggerung on the footpaw. However, Deyna ignores the pain and charges, slicing upwards and giving the Wearet another scar in the stomach. Kharanjul snarls and stabs downwads, but Deyna hops away and peforms a whirlwind attack, spinning multiple times and slicing with his blade. Kharanjul is surprised by this method, and has his legs sliced up, multiple scars on his chest made, and his cloak torn off. The Lord of the Abyss then screeches and swings his trident at Deyna, but the otter slices one of the trident prongs off, and then kicks Kharanjul in the stomach. Kharanjul thrusts once again but then Deyna charges, and swings his blade downward, lopping off the Wearet's right arm. The Master of Life and Death clutches his bloody shoulder but not for long, because the Taggerung stabs his heart, killing the Wearet. Deyna wins!

Tenth Battle: Monitor General Lask Frildur vs. The Urgan Nagru Foxwolf

Lask Frildur cloaks himself and brandishes a hatchet, ready to combat the Urgan Nagru. Nagru raises his metal claws to the sky and howls, and then charges at the monitor. Frildur slashes with his hatchet, cutting a small gash on the wolf skull helmet, and is clawed on the face. Nagru backs up and draws a sword, then charges, thrusting at Lask. The Monitor General hacks sideways at the Foxwolf and gives him a tremendous cut to the left arm. Nagru hacks upwards with his blade, disarming Frildur, who throws off his cloak and brandishes his claws. Both charge, claw versus claw, until the monitor kicks Nagru's chest and throws him of balance. Lask hisses and claws the fox on the leg, but is stabbed on the leg. The monitor gets up and prepares for a charge, but Nagru twirls his sword and thrusts, cutting Lask's side. Frildur bites at Nagru but misses. Luckily for the Monitor General, the Foxwolf attemps to decapitate Lask, who ducks, slides between Nagru's legs, and cuts his hamstring. The Foxwof collapses with his back crushing Frildur, but the ferocious lizard slashes about at Nagru's back. He then turns the Urgan Nagru over, picks up his fallen sword, and stabs downward. Nagru rolls over, dodging the strike, and claws hideously at Frildur's legs, but the monitor backs away and charges, slicing down at the fallen Foxwolf. With a new wound ine, Nagru sits up, and bites Lask's leg. Frildur drops the sword, and Nagru picks it up, stands, and snarls at the monitor. Frildur bites Nagru's cheek, tearing of a hunk of flesh, and then claws at him, ripping into his chest and slaying the Urgan Nagru. Lask Frildur wins and will fight Deyna in the next Finalist Battle.

Eleventh Battle: Badger Lord Boar the Fighter vs. The Slavemaster Wearet of Malkariss

Boar the Fighter stands bearing his great sword. The Wearet charges at him with his short spear, only to be hacked at by the Bloodwrath-taken badger. The Wearet retreats with a gash in his leg, but then thrusts at Boar, who parries. The Slavemaster throws his net over Boar, who slices it in half and charges. The Wearet stabs Boar's paw, angering the Badger Lord, who the whirlwind movement, but the Wearet dodges and slashes Boar's footpaw. Boar cuts the Wearet in the side, and then stabs his chest. The Wearet throws his spear in a final attempt to kill the badger, and yes the spear sticks in Boar's arm, but he stabs the Wearet once again, ridding Mossflower of such a vermin.

Twelth Battle: Chief Cluny the Scourge vs. Rapscallion Firstblade Damug Warfang the Greatrat

Cluny plucks his iron spear from the ground, beckoning for Damug to attack. Drawing his famous sword, Damug charges, knocking Cluny off balance. Cluny stabs at Damug, wounding his footpaw, but the Greatrat slashes to the left, in an attempt to disarm the Scourge. Cluny backs away and throws his spear, which misses, but only just. Warfang twirls his sword, then hacks upward, cutting though Cluny's chestplate. The Scourge survives with little injury and draws a cutlass, prearing for another big attack. Damug thrusts, using the wavy edge of his sword to try and give a larger wound to his enemy. Cluny dodges and slashes upwards, cutting the enemy's arm. Howver, Warfang shakes the pain off and thrusts, getting his blade point stuck in Cluny's cutlass guard. The Scourge is forced to discard his blade, and grabs his famed tail, armed with poison barb. Damug watches the tail, which whip in several directions to scare the Greatrat. Warfang keeps on his guard and jumps upward, banging Cluny on the head with his sword hilt, and knocking off the Scourge's helmet. However, Cluny leaps upon Warfang and whips with his poison barb in the enemy's face, and in a moment's notice it is all over. Cluny wins and will be fighting Boar the Fighter in the next Finalist.

Thirteenth Battle: Ruggan Zann Taggerung Bor vs. Captain Plugg Firetail of the Wave Vermin

Ruggan brandishes his scimitar and steps towards Plugg, who holds his battleaxe in a guarding position. Both foxes snarl at each other, then Ruggan hacks downwards at Plugg, but misses. Plugg swings his battleaxe, which almost clips off Bor's nose, and it gets buried in the ground. In an attempt to draw at the weapon, Plugg punches Ruggan's mouth, and the Juska chieftain slashes Plugg's footpaw. Firetail finally pulls out his axe and hacks at Ruggan's neck, the momentum of the swing spinning him around several times. Bor stabs Plugg's back, and retreats for another charge. Both foxes charge, locking blades. Then, Ruggan hacks at Plugg's head, but the corsair blocks and cuts forward, injuring the Juska's stomach. Then, Bor lifts his scimitar, but that gives Firetail time to hack the other fox's chest. The wounded Ruggan watches the twirling Plugg and severs his tail. Firetail screeches and swings his axe down at Ruggan's neck. Bor's head drops, and Plugg wins!

Fourteeth Battle: Captain Romsca the Ferret Corsair vs. Princess Kurda of Riftgard Isle

Romsca draws her cutlass and points the other ferret, who draws her heavy sabre. Both fighters charge, with Romsca slashing at Kurda's legs. The Princess jumps to dodge the attack and hacks Romsca's neck, but the corsair blocks with her sword and stabs upward. Kurda gets a nick in her chin but backs off. She swings her blade sideways, only to have it blocked by the more experienced ferret. Romsca hacks down, cutting Kurda's shoulder, and the Pure Ferret kicks out, hitting Romsca's shin. Romsca stabs at Kurda's chest, but misses and is striked in the left paw by Kurda's wild sabre slash. Romsca backs away from her enemy and then charges, slashing randomly, with Kurda blocking or dodging the strikes. Kurda then claws with her free paw at Romsca's face, cutting flesh, but the corsair resists with a punch to Kurda's stomach. Kurda leaps forward, bites Romsca's ear, and wrenches away her cutlass. With two swords, Kurda slashes wildly, and Romsca spits at here, yelling, "Yer a coward, never killed an armed opponent." Kurda is enraged and slashes again, but this time Romsca steps to the side, kicks at Kurda's face, and the latter drops the cutlass in shock, leaving Romsca to scoop up her blade again and disarm Kurda in a flick of her wrist. Kurda runs to grab her blade, but Romsca slices her back. Kurda screams and lashes out, cutting Romsca's leg, but the corsair stabs Kurda's chest. The injured Pure Ferret groans, drops her sabre, and crumples. Romsca wins and will battle Plugg Firetail in the next of the Finalists!

Fifteenth Battle: Captain Vilu Daskar the Corsair vs. Captain Vizka Longtooth the Corsair

Vilu leans on his scimitar as if the whole battle as a joke, and watches Vizka swing his flail about in circles. Then, Vizka charges, with Vilu still reclining, until the flail almost hits Vilu's head. The stoat dodges and swings his scimitar to the side, but the flail of Viska swirl around it. With a flick of his wrist, Longtooth disarms Vilu, but Daskar rolls to the side and picks of his blade. Vizka roars in laughter and swings some more, cutting Daskar's cheek, but then Vilu hacks downward, a metallic clang emerging from the meeting of the spiked flail ball and Vilu's sword. The fox draws his stolen sword, and thrusts forward, slicing the side of Vilu's body, but failing to injure him greatly. Daskar stabs, but his blade is blocked by Vizka, who swings the flail in his left paw, but misses. Then, the fox jumps upwards, and with the handle of his flail knocks off Vilu's helmet. Daskar falls to the ground, but rolls away as Vizka plunges with the sword downwards. He fails to draw out his sword, and Vilu kicks the other pirate in the rear. Longtooth falls on his own sword pommel, bursting his gut. The wounded fox screams with agony, but regains strength, and runs away, leaving the sword in the ground. Daskar ignores the blade and chases after Vizka, who turns and swings his flail, which wraps around Daskar's own blade. It is a standstill now, but then Vilu drops his sword, pulls out his knife, and throws it. The blade hits the fox full in the neck, and then Vilu disentangles his sword from the flail and slices Longtooth's stomach. Vilu Daskar wins!

Sixteenth Battle: King Gabool the Wild of Searats vs. Captain Raga Bol the Searat

The crazed searat draws his curved sabre and yells his name to the enemy, a one-pawed searat with a hook. Raga Bol draws his scimitar and swings his hook around wildly. Then, Gabool puts a paw into his coat and pulls out a twisted knife. He charges, stops suddenly, and throws the blade, but Bol is ready, and knocks the dagger aside with his sword. He charges and meets up with Gabool, hacking at his legs. Gabool kicks Bol in the stomach and spins aside, and spits in the other rat's eye. Raga slashes downward with his hook, cutting Gabool's face, but the King of Searats spins in an attempt to distract Bol, who cuts off Gabool's cape and stabs at his chest. Gabool cuts to the side, blocking the searat's attack, and draws another dagger, but before he can stab with it, Bol's hook comes down, cutting through Gabool's paw. The Warlord of the Waves drops his dagger and wrings his injured paw, before cutting at Bol's chest. Raga dodges and stabs at the Wild, who blocks and growls in an attempt to scare off his enemy, but the other rat uses the blunt part of his hook to punch Gabool in the eye. Gabool screeches and then hacks wildly, but the opponent meets each attack, blocking with swift parries. Bol then backs off, sticks his scimitar in the ground, and draws a stiletto, throwing it at the Wild. Gabool is stabbed in the sword shoulder, and drops his cutlass in pain as Raga charges and runs him through. Raga Bol wins and will be fighting Vilu Daskar in the next Finalist Battle!

Seventeenth Battle: Rockjaw Grang of the Long Patrol vs. Wurgg the Spinecracker "Wizzel"

Rockjaw draws an arrow and fits it to his longbow as Wurgg charges, both fists clenched. Rockjaw fires an arrow, which misses as Wurgg picks up a randomly thrown rock and chucks it at Grang, who dodges and fires another arrow. This one pierces Wurgg's stomach, but the strong weasel pulls it out and picks up another randomly thrown rock. This one hits Rockjaw's next arrow, snapping it and putting a splinter in his paw. The hare takes another arrow, which misses Wurgg again. Rockjaw casts aside his longbow and quiver, and takes out his sling as Wurgg swings a left punch at him. Grang takes it on his shoulder and kicks the Spinecracker's belly, but then Wurgg lifts the Long Patroller up with no exertion and flings him across the arena, but the hare gets up, without much harm done save a lost sling and a fractured skull. Rockjaw gets his spare sling from a pouch and throws, hitting Wurgg's right paw. Rockjaw charges, hitting Wurgg with a loaded sling on the snout, but the "wizzel" shrugs the wound away and punches with a right, knocking the wind from Rockjaw. He groans but retreats to a spear stuck in the ground, which he had placed there, and pulls it out, stabbing at Wurgg's big frame. The weasel kicks at the spearhead, smashing it and drags the shaft from Rockjaw's paws. With one paw, Wurgg snaps the spearshaft and swings a left at Rockjaw again, getting his cheek. Rockjaw takes a stone from his pouch and cracks it on Wurgg's head, but the Spinecracker's skull is undamaged as he grabs Grang and crushes him on the ground. Afterwards, Wurgg sits on Rockjaw's spine, and obviously cracks it, killing the unfortunate hare. Wurgg the Spinecracker wins!

Eighteenth Battle: Captain Ripfang the Searat vs. Captain Greypatch the Searat

Greypatch takes a fire-swinger and prepares to throw at Ripfang, who draws his cutlass and whip. Greypatch hurls his weapon, which misses the charging Ripfang, and Greypatch takes his cutlass, preparing to kill. He slices at Ripfang's face, scarring the ex-Blue Horde rat's brow, but Ripfang cracks his whip, shredding the skin of Greypatch's sword arm. Greypatch stabs at Ripfang, but the blow is parried as Ripfang slices randomly at the other rat. The experienced Greypatch blocks every move, but then leaps forward and hacks upward. Ripfang twists his whip around the enemy's cutlass and knocks it away, but Greypatch rolls from the attacking Ripfang and picks up his sword, slicing the opponent's whip in half. Ripfang throws away the handle and hacks at the searat with his cutlass, but unfortunately Greypatch kicks him in the chest, breaking two ribs. The ex-servant of Gabool the Wild picks up Ripfang's other cutlass and slices both in a scissor motion, decapitating the other rat. Greypatch wins fight Wurgg the Spinecracker in the next Finalist!

Nineteenth Battle: Commander Zwilt the Shade of the Ravagers vs. Finnbarr Galedeep the Sea Otter

Bearing his stolen broadsword, Zwilt swishes about his cloak, while Galedeep draws his twin swords, ready to kill vermin. The sable charges, hacking at Finnbarr's chest, but the one-eyed otter blocks with his duo blades, and stabs, cutting Zwilt on the side. The Shade roars in laughter and slashes randomly, but Finnbarr persists, slicing as well until the otter points his blades at Zwilt's throat: "One move an' yer a deadbeast!" Zwilt bows his head and throws down his broadsword, but spins aside, picks it up again, and cuts Galedeep's leg. Finnbarr slashes at the sable's neck, but Zwilt blocks and hurls himself on the enemy, slashing and biting, wh gives Finnbarr a mark on his arm. The sea otter gets up and poits both blades at the kneelin Zwilt, who remarks, "Please, Clarinna Kordyne, don't tell me you're behind me. I already know." He turns around, but no one is there, and Galedeep slashes at the sable's back. Zwilt hacks back with his broadsword, but Finnbarr backs away from the long blade and slices at Zwilt's chest. The Shade blocks, and then stabs at Finnbarr, cutting him in the chest, but not enough to kill his immediately. Finnbarr clutches his bleeding frame as Zwilt jups up and leap atop Finnbarr with blade raised................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................and after a dreadful moment, Finnbarr pushes Zwilt's body, impaled by the two swords the otter himself, off, and screams in victory.

Twentieth Battle: Blademaster Buckler Kordyne vs. Major Perigord Habile Sinistra

Buckler draws his blade, ready to attack, while the left-Perigord starts showing off with his saber. Buckler leaps forward, hybrid rapier raised for a thrust, but Perigord blocks and step to the side as Buckler rolls to the ground. Pointing blade viciously, Perigord slashes at Kordyne's ear, cutting it, but the Blademaster stabs Perigord's right paw. Sinistra thrusts at Kordyne's chest, but Buckler backs away and proceeds to stab at his adversary. Perigord blocks and continues to slash at the Blademaster. Buckler blocks the attack and thrusts into Perigord's left footpaw. The Major groans, and rolls aside as Kordyne stabs again, and slices the enemy's stomach, but not enough to kill him. Perigord slashes at Buckler, who dodges and thrusts, bue misses, and Perigord returns with a thrust, which cuts Buckler's face but the Blademaster's eyes glow red as he stabs and slashes at Perigord in the rage called Bloodwrath, until Perigord drops his saber in exhaustion and falls to his knees as Buckler thrusts once again. Buckler Kordyne wins, and will be fighting Finnbarr Galedeep in the next Finalist!

Twenty-First: Prince Gonff of the Mousethieves vs. Flinky the Singer Stoat Bandit

Flinky stands up:

"When the clouds of arrows fly,

keep yore heads down.

Let the brave ones charge on by,

keep yore heads down.

When the heroes' runs red,

an' yore scared to raise yore head,

just be glad that you ain't dead,

keep yore heads down!"

Gonff stands up:

"Pickalock pickalock you'll regret this day,

When you took a mousethief and locked him away.

Sillycat, look at that, it's two for one,

The thief and the warrior

By dawn will be gone."

Flinky: Ah 'tis luvverly bein' a vermin,

'cos ye lead a simple life,

leave the snufflin' babes behind,

run off from the naggin' wife.

There's nought to do but ramble,

an' plunder all the way,

just look bold, rob all ye can hold,

an' bid 'em all good day.

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