Here's a question I really need answered: Exactly how long is the Sword of Martin the Warrior? Inside the books, the sword is pictured as very short, as seen on the picture for Rakkety Tam Book 2, and the American cover of Triss. However, on the American cover of Rakkety Tam, the sword is pictured as longer than Tam's own length, and the same for Matthias on the Firebird cover of Redwall. I can easily see Martin the Warrior and his successor Champions managing to wield a sword of this length. However, the sword is described as being too short for Deyna, but he was a big otter, so it's obvious the Sword was kinda short for him. Also, during the Tam vs. Gulo showdown, Wild Doogy Plumm's claymore is described as being longer than Martin's Sword. If you've read my Saga of the Redwall Wars, you know that I love huge swords, preferably longer than it's wielder. Still, just how flippin' long is Martin's Sword?

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