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The Saga: Art contest!

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Special Thanks to Dewface for the idea. Check out her original Ultimate War: ART CONTEST! More special thanks (for thr 3rd time) to Hollyfire 53 for her Ultimate War.

Here, you make a picture of a scene or character from my Saga of the Redwall Wars. First, SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO PUT PICTURES ON THIS WIKI! After a reasonable amount (say, 5 pics) have been placed, I'll make a poll for people to vote on for 1 month. After I post the poll no more pics. After a month, the winner with have an award placed on the top of his/her user page.

NOTE: Please place new pics on my talk page.

Now, begin!


Nightpaw Streamsplitter. Thanks, Laria Wavedeep!

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