Note: Read the battles of Redwall's Deadliest Warrior before reading this.

Battle One

Winner: Oilback won because simply he is an expert on daggers and can throw one a heck prtty quick. He is also not very armored and can run faster than Bladetail.

Loser: Bladetail's simple spear is not enough to defeat a knife thrower. Despite wearing some pimitive armour, Bladetail is too vulnerable to the expert assassn Oilback.

Interview of Oilback: Did you think you would win this fight at first? Well matey, I ain't never fought another rat afore now, but lemme tell yew somethin'. My knives be the best on the 'igh seas, an' though Bladetail was a Cap'n an' spear expert, he can't beat my blades. How long did it take for you to bcome an expert? Hey, that's none o' yore business, now sharrap! One more question: What will you do now? I'm a winner, that's what! If'n I win this battle wid either ole Ferahgo or Rasconza, I'll be the greaest rat in all the land. How do yew think of that eh?

Battle Two

Winner: Ferahgo's flail and expert knife movements help him defeat Rasconza, and the Assassin is much smaller than his enemy, adding more agility.

Loser: Rasconza is a match with daggers to Ferahgo, but his larger frame and less armour hinders him against the weasel.

Interview of Ferahgo: Did yu hink you would win this fight at first? Well, it's not very easy to duel another knife fighter. However, I am Lord of the Southwest, and no one can stand against Ferahgo the Assassin! How long did it take for you to become an expert assassin? I never tell lots o' people, but I was taught by corsairs. My Corpsemakers fear my deadly blades and flail. What will you do now that you have won? I'm gonna go kill peaceful woodlanders, what else? You think that scummy Oilback rat will defeat me? No chance.

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