In this I talk about different Redwall books and give or take points from each because of a certain topic or event. We'll see how good I personally think each book has been by the end. Every book starts with 5 points because it's a Redwall book.


+2 points because it was the book that started this whole series.

-3 because Abbot Mortimer is annoying.

+2 because Basil Stag Hare is great.

-3 because the whole Abbey acts too religious, and BJ has mentioned it too many times: Redwall has no religion!

+3 because Warbeak is great.

-4 because it got boring towards the end.

I guess that's it. That leaves you with a total of 2 points. Not much, I admit, but wait until you see the others!


+2 points because Gonff is awesome.

-2 points because Tsarmina broke Martin's sword.

+4 points because Skipper Warthorn is cool.

-2 because the journey to Salamandastron was boring.

+2 because Bane was cool.

+4 because Boar the Fighter was awesome.

+2 because Martin got a new sword.

-5 because the battle against Ripfang was too short.

-5 because Martin almost died.

+1 because I knew Sunflash had made it to Salamandastron.

That gives you 6 points.


+3 because Matthias is getting better.

-2 because Vitch is annoying.

+4 because Basil Stag Hare is getting better.

+3 because Slagar is awesome.

-4 because Mattimeo and Co. were captured.

+2 because Orlando the Axe is cool.

-1 because the Painted Ones should have been portrayed better.

-3 because Matthias lost the fight with Wearet.

+4 because the Blackrobes are awesome.

-5 because they killed off Warbeak.

That's a total of 6 points again.

Mariel of Redwall

+4 because Rawnblade is awesome.

-2 because Bludrigg and Saltar were annoying.

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