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    High Crimes

    September 13, 2010 by Thrush the Bard

    This Redwall fanfiction is entitled


    and is in progress.

    Please enjoy and comment as you like! =)

    Kinjay looked down the cliff face, his cloak billowing in the wind. The fox looked over his shoulder at an otter and said, "Dan. You ready?"

    Dan, in his gruff voice, replied, "Since the day I was born."

    Kinjay smiled. He turned back to the cliff face. Five vermin were ascending the face, two with knives gleaming in the bright sunlight. Their paws padded softly as they maintained a steady climb. One locked eyes with Kinjay and glared.

    "It's time." Kinjay and Dan made their way past the small plateau towards a rocky outcrop. Behind the rocks sat piles of pebbles - perfect for a fight.

    "Glintar is with them. Let's get him first, then pick off h…

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    Good versus evil is predominant theme in Redwall. It does not take one long to realize that the good are woodlanders and the bad are vermin. The vermin are almost always portrayed as imbeciles. However, this is a long stretch to say considering I have not read a Redwall novel in quite some time and cannot provide clear-cut examples. However, whenever I think about Redwall I get the feeling that things move along according to a formula. Personally speaking, I find myself ill at ease with the formula because it is predictable. Albeit, one may say predictability is good. It is good to know who is going to win in the end, and to go through that experience and feel the thrills. As of late, though, I am tiring of the predictability and have been …

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