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    The tale of a Servant

    February 28, 2011 by Tree Climber
    Simon was a servant to the house of Brock, as were his parents, and his grandparents aswell. He was a slender young squirrel of about 61 or so seasons old and very dedicated to what he did, infact, he was already a footman at such a young age. This preticular morning the masters breakfast was running behind so the footmen and maids had begun to help the kitchen staff to get things ready. Simon stood next to the cook, a fat old mouse named Mrs.Drubbles holding out a platter as she piled acorn pancakes onto them.
    "Simon, you better get going with those pancakes, his lordship has just arrived," cried a sweet otter maid named Sleek from across the room, just as Mrs.Drubbles slapped the last one onto the platter. The aggile squirrel dash through…
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    Christanity is the religon of the estemmed author, Brian Jacques. Thus, he would put his religon in his books, as most authors do. Jacques does it in a subtle way, that can easily be overlooked. He did it so subtly that many would fail to notice, becuase it bonds so easily with the story. I shall reveal once again the proof showing Redwall is based on the Christian religon.

    First let me start off with the basics that I failed to mention in my past essay. Redwall is an ABBEY! Abbeys have always been based on the idea of the christian lifestyle. If he wanted his books to have no religon he would more likley make the setting a colony then abbey. Another basic, is all through the christian bible, it reveals God/Jesus showing up in dreams and gi…
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    Brain Jaques has always refused to put a religion on Redwall, but I believe he has based Redwall culture off Christianity. I think that the Redwaller's Jesus is Martin, but I believe that Luke and Matthias are both portrayed as Martin, therefore Jesus. Let's start with Martin. Martin was born of two parents, Luke and Sayna. I think Sayna is an version of Mary. She and Mary are both kind, gentle and sweet, and they both had to carry there children while on a journey. Another similarity between Martin and Jesus is their signs. Christians feel that the sign of Jesus is the cross, this is known by many, many people, even people who aren't Christians. The sign of Martin is his Tapestry. All Redwallers know that the TOMTW is his sign, and many w…

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    "Gingivere, Gingivere! Come in, the storm is getting to strong!" A tall, sleek, scarlet coated wildcat yelled from the porch steps.
    "I'm comeing Sandingomm, I had to lock up the shed!" a sturdy male wildcat called, trundling up in the snow. The two ran into the log and stone house. Gingivere imedatly plopped himself in a old rocking chair by the roaring fire, completely excausted.
    "Oh my dear, you are covered in snow! Here is a blanket, I'll go make you some coco," Sandingomm exclaimed, placeing a handnet quelt over her husband and running to the kitchen. "Kids! Your fathers back!"
    "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" two wildcat kitten yelled from the bedroom. The bedroom door flew open and two little dibbuns came running to their father.
    "I was only outsi…
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    "Death, death,
    Conva and crew will bring death,
    Death to your holt!
    Vermin swarmed all around, slaying every beast in sight. Screams of dying otters was all that was heard, except the vermin chanting, "Pearls of Lutra! Pearls of Lutra!"
    "Ahh!" Rukky awoke suddenly.
    "Are you alright dear?" a fat ottermum asked as she bustled to Rukky's side.
    "I'm fine, just had a bad dream, a very bad dream," she replied, as she crawled from the ledge were she had been sleeping. "What time is it mum?" Rukky asked, as she stood and streched.
    "Far after noon, it's getting close to sundown," she answered, as she proceeded back to the cooking fires.
    "Oh, okay. Well I guess I will start my evening chores," she replied, as she headed torwards the cave entrance.
    Looking a…

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