Christanity is the religon of the estemmed author, Brian Jacques. Thus, he would put his religon in his books, as most authors do. Jacques does it in a subtle way, that can easily be overlooked. He did it so subtly that many would fail to notice, becuase it bonds so easily with the story. I shall reveal once again the proof showing Redwall is based on the Christian religon.

First let me start off with the basics that I failed to mention in my past essay. Redwall is an ABBEY! Abbeys have always been based on the idea of the christian lifestyle. If he wanted his books to have no religon he would more likley make the setting a colony then abbey. Another basic, is all through the christian bible, it reveals God/Jesus showing up in dreams and giving messages, as Martin does throughout the Redwall series. Finally, prayer. Yes, many religions do involve prayer, but not always for thanks, but for help. The christian religion states that prayers purpose is both for thanks and guidance, as many characters pray for Martin in those manners in the books.
Now let us get into the more involved ideas. Not once throughout the book does a sacrifice take place in the name of Martin, as many other religons do sarifice to gods. That rules out Brian wanting to convey friendliness and neutrarlity to those religions. Also, only on the side of evil do fortune tellers appear. Christian as a whole believe not in fortune telling, but many other religons do. That rules out religons in which Brian Jacques remains nuetral to in his book, because he specifically speaks against it.

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