Brain Jaques has always refused to put a religion on Redwall, but I believe he has based Redwall culture off Christianity. I think that the Redwaller's Jesus is Martin, but I believe that Luke and Matthias are both portrayed as Martin, therefore Jesus. Let's start with Martin. Martin was born of two parents, Luke and Sayna. I think Sayna is an version of Mary. She and Mary are both kind, gentle and sweet, and they both had to carry there children while on a journey. Another similarity between Martin and Jesus is their signs. Christians feel that the sign of Jesus is the cross, this is known by many, many people, even people who aren't Christians. The sign of Martin is his Tapestry. All Redwallers know that the TOMTW is his sign, and many who don't live at Redwall know this too, such as various badger lords, travels, and the descendants of any one who had ever visited Redwall. Now to Luke, he went through a lot of hardship in his life, as did Jesus, and they both traveled around because they were determined to accomplish something. Also, Luke gave his life to save many others, as Jesus did. Finally Matthias, Matthias has not particular things, just his personality is described very similar to Jesus, and he relied on Martin, just as Jesus did on God. So as you can see, Redwall's religion is a form of Christianity, and I think Brain Jaques intended for those characters mentioned to be made after Jesus

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