• Trisslivesinme

    Vengeance and Wrath

    January 16, 2010 by Trisslivesinme

    The orphaned mousebabe looked around her. There was nothing but death and destruction. Her parents lay dead, and her village deserted and burned. A trail of blood flowed behind her from her horrific wounds, and her eyes were as red as her blood. She cried out over sea and sand,

    “YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME, MIZORI SLECT! I AM ONLY FIVE SEASONS, BUT SOMEDAY, I WILL GROW AND RETURN; RETURN TO AVENGE MY FAMILY!” The little mousemaid grabbed the dirk off her dead father’s body and stuck it in her belt.

    “That will be my oath of vengeance. I shall carry this dirk with me everywhere, to remind me that I took it from my father’s dead body. I won’t rest until Mizori Slect is dead! I swear this on the memory of my father and mother!”  

    Pallet and R…

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