• Tsarmina the Wildcat

    The mother kept running with me in her arms, my father close behind. I bounced up and down as she quickened her pace, feeling extreme nausea. Right before I heaved, she stopped to the ground, on her knees. I looked up at her; her face was scrapped and bleeding.

    She started speaking to me. "Are you okay Tsarmina? Oh, my baby!" she said, and I could tell she was worried to her stomach.

    My father helped my mother up, and said, "We have to leave Sandingomm!" he ducked as a arrow thudded in the branch above his head. "Hurry!" My mother gasped, "But, I can't run with her in my arms! And they're coming closer Gingivere!" He looked at her, and then at me. "Sandingomm, we already lost Darfi. Do you want to loose Tsarmina too?!" he said.

    Mother held me…

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