Ferox the fossa leapt from tree to tree, following his prey. He was a black creature, black as midnight. His fangs bared in a hungry smile as he thought of the meal that awaited him. Annala the mousemaid sighed in relief as she saw the gap in the trees before her. It seemed Ferox was not going hunting tonight. Suddenly, something lept on her, knocking her down. She gasped in horror as Fossa face came into view, grinning. That is, showing all his very sharp teeth. "Well now, my beauty, you weren't thinking of leaving my woods without coming to stay with me, now were you?" She tried to back away, but two paws flew onto her shoulders and held her in place. She couldn't help but notice how large those claws were. "Please, don't hurt me! My son is waiting for me, please don't hurt me!" The moon shone through the clouds, illuminating them both. His grin went into a puzzled frown. "Hurt you? Who said anything about hurting you? Here, why don't you get a good night's sleep, then go to your son in the morning. She also couldn't help noticing, know that she could see him better, how handsome he was, and how soft and velvety his paws were. Her body relaxed, and her eyelids closed. "Go to sleep..."

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