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    King Ungatt Trunn

    This story is about the two greatest villains and a few other great heroes overlooked. Enjoy.

    Ungatt Trunn was awake before he opened his eyes. He took in scents and sounds. There was the calming smell of smoke from a driftwood fire; he could hear it crackling. He also heard the sizzling of some meat being roast over the fire. Then he heard somebeast humming; it was a gruff, old voice. It sounded like an old war chant the beast he assumed was male was humming, like from the Fire Mountain, the place he had occupied for a short time and then it was taken bac…

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    Attention to all that may hear it, many of you may know that Myself and a certain Brockers have been in war for nearly fourscore seasons over Mount Salamandastron. Well, I have accepted to give the mountain back to the said badger, and leave Mossflower in peace. I am going north, where I will be King of the Highlands, just after I kill my cousin Triaud Dire. So, no need to worry, the mountain has been returned to the badger, and none of you need to fear for your lives anymore. The Highlands are now open to any followers of Ungatt Trunn the Fearsome Beast, but any enemies will be taken and destroyed. Thank you for your time, and bow to the new ruler, Lord Ungatt Trunn the Highland King!!!!!!!

    Lord Ungatt Trunn the Highland King I am Ungatt Trun…

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    There are two books that open doors to every bloody book written in the series. These, as you may have already guessed, are Redwall and Mossflower. They start things that you just can't overlook. For instance, in Redwall:

    • The Joseph Bell: Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker
    • The sword, belt and shield of Martin the Warrior: Mossflower
    • The Spirit of Martin the Warrior: Basically EVERY BOOK
    • The Abbey itself: Mossflower
    • Every Characteristic of the Abbey: Every book but the ones chronologically before Mossflower
    • Foremole; Cellarhog: Every book with one or both of these
    • Friar Hugo: Inspiration for all!!!
    • Chickenhound and Mattimeo: Mattimeo
    • Constance (Badger Mothers):
      • Mellus
      • Bella
      • Cregga
    • Squire Julian: Mossflower
    • The Late Rose: Martin the Warrior

    And there are even more in Mossflow…

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    April 7, 2010 by UngattTrunn

    Now, there are two very important badgermaids in the books that appear in three books: Bella of Brockhall (Mossflower, Outcast of Redwall, Legend of Luke) and Cregga Roseyes (Long Ptrol, Taggerung, Marlfox)> Now, I like Cregga more, in fact, she is my favorite badger in general. But I also really like Bell! Now, who is better, Bella or Cregga?

    Fun fact:

    Both Cregga and Bella have the same pattern in their name: Consonant sound, e, double consonant, A!
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    There we are chaps'n'chappettes, created three The Sable Quean hares that no one ever paid attention to. Feel free to examine, edit, etc.

    Lancejack Cudderfauld Skinny Swippton Algie Bloggmort

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