There are two books that open doors to every bloody book written in the series. These, as you may have already guessed, are Redwall and Mossflower. They start things that you just can't overlook. For instance, in Redwall:

  • The Joseph Bell: Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker
  • The sword, belt and shield of Martin the Warrior: Mossflower
  • The Spirit of Martin the Warrior: Basically EVERY BOOK
  • The Abbey itself: Mossflower
  • Every Characteristic of the Abbey: Every book but the ones chronologically before Mossflower
  • Foremole; Cellarhog: Every book with one or both of these
  • Friar Hugo: Inspiration for all!!!
  • Chickenhound and Mattimeo: Mattimeo
  • Constance (Badger Mothers):
    • Mellus
    • Bella
    • Cregga
  • Squire Julian: Mossflower
  • The Late Rose: Martin the Warrior

And there are even more in Mossflower:

  • Timballisto, mention of Luke: Martin the Warrior Featuring Tramun Clogg as Himself
  • Boar, Bella, Verdauga(& family), Skeleton of Brocktree: Lord Brocktree Featuring Ungatt Trunn as Himself
  • Brockhall: Triss, The Sable Quean
  • Skipper: Every Book with an Otter Skipper
  • Salamandastron: Pretty much every following book, pointedly Salamandastron and Eulalia!
  • Fighting hares of Salamandastron: (same as Above)
  • Gonff: Doomwyte (e.g., the Gonfelins)
  • AND TONS MORE: Every book

My Personal favorite book in the series is Mossflower. What about you?

Which one?

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