Attention to all that may hear it, many of you may know that Myself and a certain Brockers have been in war for nearly fourscore seasons over Mount Salamandastron. Well, I have accepted to give the mountain back to the said badger, and leave Mossflower in peace. I am going north, where I will be King of the Highlands, just after I kill my cousin Triaud Dire. So, no need to worry, the mountain has been returned to the badger, and none of you need to fear for your lives anymore. The Highlands are now open to any followers of Ungatt Trunn the Fearsome Beast, but any enemies will be taken and destroyed. Thank you for your time, and bow to the new ruler, Lord Ungatt Trunn the Highland King!!!!!!!

Lord Ungatt Trunn the Highland King I am Ungatt Trunn the Fearsome Beast, and these are my days!!!

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