Ungatt Fun

  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is Writing Fan Fiction
  • I am Male
  • Ungatt Fun

    Chapter 1

    Snow fell from the sky and covered the ground, giving Mossflower Wood the appearance of a frozen kingdom. The sharp wind blew the snow around, creating a perfect whiteout. This winter was the coldest winter that old Abbot Laric could remember. However, he didn't know whether this was because of the snow, or the old age that had made his body frail. Abbot Laric, a simple mouse, liked to look out of the beautiful Redwall Abbey's windows during the winter and think about days gone by. He loved the snow when he was a dibbun, but now in his old age he could not enjoy the fun that the winter brought. Suddenly, Abbot Laric saw a silhouette beyond the stream of snow. Uncertain at first, he pressed his face to the glass and adjusted his sp…

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  • Ungatt Fun

    Many know the story of Redtooth, Cluny the Scourge's second in command. However, few know the background and future of this perplexing rat. Of course, such stories must begin somewhere, and there is no better place to begin than with his home.

    Redtooth was born in a jungle, far away from Mossflower. In fact, virtually nobeast knew of the existence of this jungle, save for its inhabitants, and a pawful of corsairs as well. This was also where Cluny was born. The jungle provided a struggle for existence, with creatures that the mice of Mossflower never even dreamt of: jaguars. These savage felines were menacing, and rats were on their menu. Most rats lived underground; the foolish ones who went above ground were killed within a few hours. And…

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  • Ungatt Fun

    The Last of the Dragons

    November 18, 2011 by Ungatt Fun


    Mossflower was a scene of serenity. The sun poked out between the clouds, and shined down upon the beautiful land of Mossflower Wood. There was no breeze to taint the birds' beautiful song; it was the perfect day. Then, all of it abruptly ceased. The birds mysteriously stopped singing. The sun was conquered by dense, black clouds. Rain streamed down in torrents, and a strong gust of wind had picked up. Suddenly, through the clouds, a gargantuan creature came crashing down. It roared in agony at the horrible wound that plagued its side, and as it roared, marvelous flames burst forth, charring the once serene forest. It was immensely weakened from the wound, and it couldn't stop itself from crashing onto the forest floor. The forest …

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