Mossflower was a scene of serenity. The sun poked out between the clouds, and shined down upon the beautiful land of Mossflower Wood. There was no breeze to taint the birds' beautiful song; it was the perfect day. Then, all of it abruptly ceased. The birds mysteriously stopped singing. The sun was conquered by dense, black clouds. Rain streamed down in torrents, and a strong gust of wind had picked up. Suddenly, through the clouds, a gargantuan creature came crashing down. It roared in agony at the horrible wound that plagued its side, and as it roared, marvelous flames burst forth, charring the once serene forest. It was immensely weakened from the wound, and it couldn't stop itself from crashing onto the forest floor. The forest burned and charred around it, and it released a low, quiet moan. Its only thought was revenge. Revenge on the villain that had shot him. Revenge on the people that had betrayed him. But he knew he wouldn't have the chance. He would die before he saw another living creature, and the gates of Dark Forest would await him, where he would join the rest of his kind. Only one name stayed in his head as he drifted out of consciousness. Dervin Snowtail!

About a hundred paces away, a lone otter had witnessed the entire procession. He stared, mouth agape, utterly stunned by what he had saw. When he finally grabbed a hold of himself, he ran back into Mossflower Wood. There was only one creature on his mind: the best healer in all of Mossflower.

Chapter 1

Dervin Snowtail was, for the fifth time that day, angry. One might think that when you are the King of the Lands of Ice and Snow, there would not be many things to be angry about. But Dervin was always in an angry mood. Most of the time he was angry at petty things such as cold floors or strange looks that he received from his soldiers. However, this time, he had something to be genuinely angry about. He looked out over his destroyed kingdom. It was utterly crushed, and the once grand fortress was now just a heap of burning rubble. Dervin was also lucky, though. He was one of two survivors. The other survivor was a fox named Dularg.

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