• Urkhound the bloodwrath

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    Silkstripe the Urth watched his son playing in the grass on the beautyful summer day. His mind raced with what he should name his son, reneland or cloudneo. After a little time his son came to him, " dwaddy why dwo you have the name silkstripe the urf?" he smiled and held his son "i used to want to be urtstripe" the baby laughed "i wike urfstripe" suddenly he thought "your name will be urkhound."

    Urkhound was thirteen seasons older and walked north toward the northlands, " i will get my own hares and slay those vermin" he gritted his teeth and spears were pointed at him.Thirty giant weasels lead by a rat, " yew must bee that stripedog" drawing a long steel sabre. Pressing the sabre against his throat, " i wanna se…

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